Widget Components – Parts That Work

Widget Components is our in-house brand of components covering all workshop applications. From cables to brake pads, bar tape to mudguards the mantra of the range is “Parts That Work”. We set out to create a fantastic range of products, fully tested in the worst weather the UK can offer to ensure it performs and performs well.

What’s In The Range?

We’ve basically looked at everything needed to keep your bike on the road, looking good, stopping well and protecting you. The range includes

Brake & Gear Cable Kits

The Premium range consists of Gear and Brake Cables and Kits for MTB and Road bikes in Shimano/SRAM. The inner cable sin these kits are ground stainless steel to give extra performance benefits over die drawn only cables. The Nano Tech 1.1mm Gear Cable is ground stainless steel with each strand fine plasma mist electroplated to lightly bond them together. This coating results in a no fray, near frictionless shifting cable.

Rim Brake Pads

Widget Components Rim Brake Pads come in Premium and Standard with each having distinctive, item specific packaging to reduce customer confusion.

All compounds give outstanding performance in both wet and dry conditions. The pad channels are designed to move dirt and water away from the rim for increased stopping power. Premium pads have automatic toe-in
alignment to make set up easier and help to eliminate brake squeal.

The Premium range consists of Alloy and Carbon specific compounds which are available as one piece units, inserts and cartridge pad sets. They are also available in both Caliper and V-Brake to fit Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo.

Disc Brake Pads

Widget Components Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads are a great compromise between sintered and organic pads, making them the perfect fit and forget pad for all types of riding. They last longer than organic pads which can deteriorate very quickly in wet or abrasive conditions; but they don’t suffer from brake drag which can be caused by the higher heat build-up in fully sintered pads. They also have a better initial bite than fully sintered.


Widget Components chromoplastic mudguards have a thin alloy layer sandwiched between plastic layers. This creates a very light and corrosion resistant mudguard.

We are unique in having a reflective coating on the mudguards, available in both full and part reflective. This retroreflective coating reflects back any light along a parallel path to the source of the light. This means the stronger the light source the stronger the reflection back. This makes it perfect for the cycle commuter as any car driver will get the best reflective reponse.

Handlebar Tape

Don’t just take our word for it read what road.cc had to say about our Premium silicone Wrap:


NEW – Premium Cable Kits

This Widget Premium cable kit is designed to deliver the best braking performance using the latest technology. Hardwearing, yet ultra low friction internal liner gives a consistent braking performance. The straight fibre compressionless outer casing prevents buckling under extreme braking loads

NEW – Rim Brake – Pad & Cartridge

The pad range has a pattern specifically designed to channel dirt and water away from the rim. It removes water to incease braking efficiency and debris to help prolong pad and rim life.

The range includes both Carbon and Alloy specific pads in 2 or 4 packs.



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