Busch and Müller News - Nov23 1080

Busch and Müller bike lights are now available to order on B2B

Manufacturer’s of bike lights since 1925 and made in Germany, Busch and Müller more recently launched the LUMOTEC series, followed by the TOPLIGHT series, the invention of the automatic standlight, IQ technology, daytime running LEDs, LineTec and BrakeTec. They’ve now broken the 100 Lux barrier for dynamo headlights and offer new e-bike solutions.

Busch and Muller Strip Image 1

Quality Assured

The light source is a tiny LED. Only a reflector turns this point of light into a purposefully targeted light field. To give the light its precise direction, many calculations, measurements and prototype experiments are required. It takes many months for a new “light design” to enter mass production.

At the end of assembly all functions of every headlight or rear light are tested. It is not enough for the product to simply shine, we check light output, light field, light/dark boundary and much more. This, supported by measuring devises, is done manually by Busch + Müller employees.

Why you should stock Busch&Müller lighting systems:

  1. Additional revenue from upselling opportunity.
  2. Premium German made product commands its price point and stands out from the sea of battery lights.
  3. Dynamo and Wired systems appeal to the growing cargo / family and bikepacking market segments.
  4. Excellent range of mirrors and brackets from entry to premium for further upselling.