The new motor generation – eDrive
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Retrofit your bike with Pendix eDrive for more cycling fun!

The new eDrive is an improved motor powerhouse of the new generation. With 65 Nm torque the new motor is stronger but also smarter. In order to achieve these innovations, the mechanics and firmware in the motor have been significantly enhanced. The Pendix engineers have succeeded in increasing the proportion of active material in the electric machine by sophisticated adaptation of the stator design, thus increasing the maximum torque. The PRO app completes the smart Pendix system.

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing

You know too well the steep climbs on the everyday way to work. Or even the long way to the supermarket. But you love your city bike, you can’t imagine another bike for everyday life. Whether it’s a classic women’s bike or a modern urban bike – with the Pendix eDrive you stay true to your favourite bike – and enjoy all the benefits of an eBike at the same time.

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing

Bicycle tours are your passion. You like to be active. Over paved roads or gravel roads, on the way in the vineyards or rather a tour with friends in the Alps? Your trekking bike is always your faithful and reliable companion, universally applicable on all tours. Almost irreplaceable, but not incorrigible. With the Pendix eDriveyou can also master longer distances – and arrive at your destination completely relaxed. And that of course, if you have a little more luggage with you.

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing

You feel comfortable on unpaved forest floors and steep climbs. You like it a little more extreme, paved roads rarely come into question. A new bike won’t come into your house, you love your stylish mountain bike too much. But you always want more. Go on. Faster. The Pendix eDrive gives you extra power on your tours. So even gradients above 20 % are no longer an issue for you.

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing

Whether it’s sustainable lifestyles, fitness or cost savings – there are many good reasons for the huge boom in transport bikes. More and more people are leaving their cars behind and making their transports or purchases with the freight wheel. With the Pendix eDrive, you literally give your load bike wings: motor on and you float easily from A to B, even with heavy loads. And even the sweetest load reaches its destination safely with the Pendix eDrive: your children.

Whether city, trekking, mountain or cargo bike – the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost every frame model. Within a short time your favourite bike will be transformed into a powerful eBike.
Whether city, trekking, mountain or cargo bike – the Pendix eDrive can be mounted on almost every frame model. Within a short time your favourite bike will be transformed into a powerful eBike.

There’s an eDrive for everyone!

There’s an eDrive for everyone!

The right ePower for you and your needs

With the Pendix eDrive you feel a whole new driving experience and lots of fun. You will try to ride with it as much as possible. The Pendix eDrive is available with two battery options – the ePower300 and ePower500. Charging is also easy. With just one movement of your hand, you release the battery from the holder on the bicycle frame. The ePower is simply placed on the included power station and your Pendix eDrive is ready for use in no time at all.

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
Full load ahead

Colors say more than a thousand values. At a glance you know what the state of charge of your battery is.

Elegant and powerful. The eDrive charging station quickly gets your battery back on the road.

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