veloToze™ shoe covers are made of a flexible, lightweight material that is waterproof, windproof and aerodynamic. موعد ادراج اسهم اسمنت ام القرى Because of the unique, patented design, they don’t have vulnerability points like zippers or velcro. They are also light and compact, folding up to the size of a spare tube, which allows them to easily fit in a jersey pocket or saddle bag.

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كسب المال عن طريق المدونات “We decided to totally rebuild the shoe cover from the ground up,” says Joe Feng, Product Inventor and veloToze™ Co-founder. “We looked at other products that are waterproof, lightweight and aerodynamic and came up with a completely different approach to the shoe cover.”

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خيار ثنائي حساب تجريبي التداول The company is founded by a team of loyal cyclists in Sonoma County, California that wanted to ride regardless of the weather. But when they tried the different shoe cover options currently available on the market, they found that none of them kept their feet dry, even in light rain. They also found that they got heavy when wet, were bulky and were not very aerodynamic. متى يبدا تداول اسهم البنك الاهلي

كيفيه اشتري اسهم الفنادق “We have been testing the product for months now and while we’re excited to share these with the greater cycling community, we are really excited to have a great product that we can use ourselves,” said Nick Kersmarki, VP of Sales. “We’ve had great initial interest from commuters who have to ride regardless of the weather and from pro teams looking for an aerodynamic solution for time trials.” 

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About veloToze™

شراء اسهم فى البورصة veloToze™ is a Sonoma County, California based company. The Tall and Short shoe covers for cyclists are the company’s first products. The company was founded in 2014 by brothers Joe and Danny Feng. They partnered with Nick Kersmarki and Kristine Weeks who worked together at CamelBak® and have sales and marketing experience in the cycling and outdoor industries. Adrian Tamblin who is also an avid cyclist was recently brought on for his web, social media and photography expertise.

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