A bit about Pacenti Cycle Design:

Riding. Made better.

We’re not a bike company. We’re not even a parts company. We’re a rider company.

All of us ride, and everything we do here—from designing components to answering customer queries to shipping some of the best bike parts in the world—comes back to our mission of making your ride better. Because riding makes everything better.

It’s not about parts. It’s about you.

When you buy our components you’re making a choice. We think every dollar you spend is a vote, and when you’re voting for us over the other guys we want you to do so with complete confidence. When you bolt up our parts it’s more than an upgrade—it’s the beginning of a pact, an implicit pledge from us to help make your ride better.

Our customer service is more than lip service. We really, really stand behind our products, because we believe world class products cannot stand on their own—they have to be backed by world class service. This means we actually answer our own phones and email, so you can talk with someone knowledgeable when you need answers. And if something’s off we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

We believe in our components, because we use them ourselves.

Everything we make began with an idea, and that idea came from a ride. We prototype and test, engineer relentlessly, and test again. If it doesn’t make riding better it doesn’t go any further. But if it’s a hit—and we’ve been lucky enough to have had a few, like leading the charge on 650b/27.5″ MTB wheels and pioneering wider lightweight rims—we’ll put it in production, aiming for the most flawless execution we can muster.

We don’t make parts for your bike. We make stuff for your ride. We’re in this for the same reasons you are—chasing that perfect ride. And we’re here to help you catch it.



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