Invented by a Sports Medicine practitioner in the 1970s, Formthotics are a unique design, made from unique materials and customisable to meet the needs of a cyclists unique feet.

Formthotics are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and sold worldwide in over 30 countries. Formthotics are a tool trusted by medical professionals. Formthotics stabilise your feet and lower limbs, allowing other components of your treatment to be more effective, more rapidly. This helps to reduce foot and posture related pain, injury and muscle fatigue so you can recover more quickly. For all levels and types of cycling including track, road, mountain bike, BMX, and triathlon.

Single Density Insoles

Formthotics™ Sport Cycle Single are a minimalist construction specifically designed for tight fitting cycle shoes. The single Formax™ foam layer provides functional support without bulk for all cyclists.

Dual Density Insoles

Formthotics™ Sport Cycle Dual utilise the same specific low volume shape as the Cycle Single but with an extra cushioning layer. Cycle Dual High is suitable when there is extra space inside the shoe.